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Customer Service

Ordering from Made-In-Asia is quick and easy. Just sign up as customer and start shopping!
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service:
Tel: 0707-46 82 47

Here you find the answers to some frequently asked questions:


How much is the delivery?
Delivery of orders depends on the weight of the goods. You will see the freight cost before you confirm your order.

Do you deliver to my home address?
Parcels are delivered to your postal agent.

How do I pay?
At the moment we do not accept credit card. Instead accept transactions to our BG.

When can I place my order?
You can order from Made-In-Asia at any time of the day. For delivery the next day, you have to place your order before 12.00 midnight. Delivery takes approximatelly 2-4 working Days after we have recived your peyment.

Can I get occasional deliveries to a different address?
You can easily change the delivery address for every new order. Just don´t check the box that says “Same as invoice address” (to be found under “Delivery address”) when choosing region and way of delivery.

How do I change or withdraw my order?
If you want to change or withdraw your order, just e-mail and tell us about your wish. If you have paid allready we need your bank account number and the name of your bank to be able to send you the money back.

How can I register as a restaurant client/order beer, wine and liquor?
In order to buy alcoholic products, your restaurant must be a certified seller of alcoholic drinks. Send us a copy of your certificate (Serveringstillstånd), by email: or by traditional postage: ScandinAsia, Aluddsvägen 6, 112 65 Stockholm.

Why do you charge more for delivery than other online food retailers?
Apart from most online food stores, we choose to keep the product-prices low instead of offering cheap delivery service. This makes it very advantageous for you to pick up the goods at our place instead of choosing home delivery. For the same reason, alcohol tax is kept separate from the price of the actual product when selling alcoholic beverages to restaurants.


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