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Max - Cream All Malt Beer (endast restaurang)

Max Beer (restaurant only)

Light lager beer from South Korea. Rich flavour compared to...
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Price: 28,75 kr

Hite (endast restaurang)

Hite (only restaurant)

Light lager
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Price: 16,79 kr

Saigon Export (endast restaurang)

Saigon Export (Only restaurant)

Light lager beer from Vietnam.
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Price: 17,01 kr

333 Premium (endast restaurang)

333 Premium

Light lager beer. 4,9 vol %
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Price: 18,04 kr

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Sojasås för kimbap/sushi
Soy sauce for kimbap/sushi

Dark soy sauce for sushi/kimbap. Ingridients: Water, defatted soybean, wheat,[...]

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Jinro Chamisul Soju (endast restaurang)
Jinro Chamisul Soju (only restaurant)

White liquor made of sweet potatoes and rice.

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Sang Som (endast restaurang)
Sang Som (only restaurant)


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Underlägg för rispapper
Rice Paper Mould

Plastic net. Used for making spring-rolls easier.

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Oh! Ricey Risnudlar - Bánh phở
Oh! Ricey Rice Noodles - Bánh phở

Rice noodles for pho or pad thai. Weight: 500 g

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